Kerimov Ibragim Akhmedovich

Professor Ibragim Kerimov is an expert in the theory and practice of mathematical treatment and interpretation of geophysical fields. He has developed the theory, algorithms and computer technologies of the approximation approach to spectral analysis in gravimetry and magnetometry (F-approximations).

Ibragim Kerimov is a renowned expert in geology and mineral resources of the Chechen Republic. Under his editorship, several handbooks on different types of mineral resources of the Chechen Republic have been published. He is a specialist in the history of earth sciences. His expertise is also in geodynamics, geoecology, and the history of science. He has published articles on the history of research related to geography and geology of the Caucasus. He is a fellow of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Ibragim Kerimov has authored more than 350 publications, including 12 monographs. He is the author of a number of articles indexed in Web of Science and Scopus, as well as included in the list of peer-reviewed scientific journals of the Higher Attestation Commission.